The Polished Pooch

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Introducing The Polished Pooch Grooming Salon and The Polished Pooch Place


A Bit About Us

We have been animal lovers all of our lives and we’re so excited to be able to offer your fur baby a place to stay while you’re away. We have over 21 years of experience working with animals and as owners of “The Polished Pooch”, a grooming salon located in Haymarket, we are thrilled to offer clients another option for your pets. We offer your pet a safe and comfortable environment during their stay at The Polished Pooch Place, as well as lots of love, rubs, and ball tosses. Our goal is to have a happy pet, and a satisfied owner.


A Bit About The Grooming Salon

The Polished Pooch Grooming Salon is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We work hard to meet your expectations. We offer dog and cat grooming.
The Polished Pooch Mission Statement: Our goal is to provide a stress free at-home grooming experience. Your pet's appointment is hands on and prompt.
Our only interest is a comfortable pet and satisfied owner.


          Salon Services

                  Must have proof of current Rabies vaccine

Cat Grooming

All-Inclusive Grooming

  • Clipping nails

  • Gently brush your pet to the skin removing all tangles (not mats)

  • Condition your pet's coat with re-moisturizing treatment

  • Hand dry your pet at their comfort level and advise you of any skin conditions

  • Haircut to your liking

 Bath & Tidy    $60

 Haircut            $80

Dog Grooming

All-Inclusive Grooming

  • Cleaning ears by removing debris and hair

  • Clipping and filing nails

  • Gently brush your pet to the skin removing all tangles (not mats)

  • Condition your pet's coat with re-moisturizing treatment

  • Check anal glands and express them, if needed

  • Hand dry your pet at their comfort level and advise you of any skin conditions

  • Full haircut to your liking (breed specific, puppy cut, mohawk, shave down, etc)

 Dog Pricing

If you have a breed that is heavier or shorter coated, your price
will be adjusted up or down by the groomer at the time of check in.

All-Inclusive Bathing

Our bathing service includes all of the same care as we offer for grooming including trimming with the exception of full haircut.

Walk In Services

Over & under eye trimming - $20
Nail trimming - $20


Check-In Desk Hours and Guidelines

      Requirements include

  • Proof of Rabies vaccine

  • 24 hour cancellation notice

  • For safety of our fur babies, please stay in check-in area


Contact The Polished Pooch

Address: 6601 Jefferson St, Haymarket, VA 20169

Hours 8:30-4:30 Tuesday-Saturday

Phone: (703) 753-2400


Contact The Polished Pooch Place

Address: 8406 Rogues Road Warrenton, VA 20187  

Hours:  8:30 - 5:30

Phone:  540-341-8714


Resort Services

Where your pet can stay, while you're away...

The Polished Pooch Place, where your baby will be treated like our own.

Your pet will enjoy the comfort of a heated and air conditioned stay in their own safe sleeping quarters. We offer a comfy bed, cleaned and sanitized between dogs, or the option of bringing your own bed. Our guest will enjoy their supervised outdoor fun in a large fenced-in play and exercise yard. Your fur baby will have 6 group or individual play times during the day based on your request. We believe an active loved on pet makes for a happy and comfortable stay. We will also feed your pet their own food and on their schedule, strictly per your requests. We also want to ensure the health of your pet and will administer medications according to your written instructions at no additional charge.

$40 a night for our basic overnight stay, and it includes

Temperature controlled private sleeping quarters.

Large outdoor fenced-in play and exercise yard.

6 group or individual supervised playtime

***$5.00 discount for each additional pet.

*If pick up is after 1:00 pm the next day, an additional $40 will be charged*



We certainly want to offer you a service to take your baby home fresh and clean.
Bath with a cool air hand dry, and ear cleaning. (includes 2 baths with our reconditioning shampoo)
Small under 20lbs … $30
Medium under 60lbs… $40
Large under 80lbs… $50
XL over 80lbs… $60
Nail trim and filing… $15

Additions for your pet’s enjoyment!

  • $20 Doggie Paddle Splash- your pet will enjoy 30 minutes of supervised play in our full sized inground pool. Great fun for the active water loving baby.

  • $15 Paw Pal Leisure- an enjoyable time for the pet that loves to take a walk at their own pace to get in some healthy exercise. This is a 30 minute supervised leash walk around the trail.

  • $15 Hike and Jog on the Doggy Trail- If your pet loves to run with you and needs to get tired out, they’ll love taking a supervised run. We have a great trail for your baby to enjoy treading at the pace they choose with one of our experienced care givers.

  • $15 YOUR Way Fun Play- 30 minutes of individual play with one of our staff members that’s exclusive to your pet. Ball toss, Frisbee fun, seek and find, brush and massage, the choice is all yours let us know what your pet loves and we will do our best to fulfill your requests.

Doggie Daycare

We offer all day play for the parent that’s away. Your pet will have their own space to enjoy and relax in as well as outdoor supervision throughout the day. We will feed your pet the food you provide per your instructions. We will make sure that they’re well taken care of during their stay. You are welcome to add any of our additional services during their doggie day.

  • $25 a day for our Doggie Daycare with a $5 discount for each additional pet.

  • $10 additional charge for alternate drop off and pick up location. We provide an extra drop off and pick up location for your convenience at The Polished Pooch located at: 6601 Jefferson Street Haymarket, VA 20169. Drop off time @ 8:30am and pick up @ 5:30pm

Pick-Up Desk Hours and Guidelines for Resort


  • 8:30 - 5:30

      *Before of after hours can be arranged with notice for an additional fee*

  • ​Please have your pet leashed when checking in​

  • Proof of current Rabies and Bordetella vaccine.

  •  A waiver signed by responsible guardian 

  •     Deposit required when making a reservation 

  •  72 hour cancellation notice required for a refund of deposit